Continuing Education – Advance the Art of Teaching

These workshops are designed for personal development, and for students who have completed a 200-hour training and are working toward a 500-hour certification. To explore program objectives, pricing, faculty, and workshops, please read on.

Our 300-hour workshop series is for recent graduates or for experienced yoga teachers who want to build on their foundational training.

The 300-hour program comprises of core courses and elective courses that are offered throughout the year. Through this program, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of sequencing, and how to place the ‘vinyasa’ within a pose
  • Cultivate your own style of teaching and integrate restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation, pranayama, yoga therapy and Pilates into your classes
  • Deepen your own personal practice and teach from your own experiences
  • Read bodies, provide alignment cues, verbal and hands-on adjustments
  • Build your cueing vocabulary to address accessibility, diversity and inclusion
  • Develop a greater understanding of anatomy, which includes the respiratory, endocrine and digestive systems
  • Study yoga philosophy at a deeper level and apply them to your teaching
  • Understand your role as a yoga teacher to increase equity in yoga
  • Continue to practice teach – learn and unlearn outdated cues


We are offering a flexible schedule with a wide variety of workshops to enable each participant to create their own 300-hour program! You can choose to pay for each workshop separately as you go, or pay tuition and select your 300 hours of workshops.
Full Tuition $3,900 + HST (300 hours of your choice of Workshops!)

2022 Workshops

The Dynamics of Teaching Yoga with David Bruni
10hrs – In studio & Livestream
June 3, 10, 17 & 24, 2022
Fridays 4-6pm
Four 2-hour sessions + 2 hours of self-study.
$50+HST/session or $160+HST for the full series.
Instructor: David Bruni
In this 4 week series, we will explore the many layers involved in cueing students into a pose.
1. Clear and concise verbal direction into the physical pose
2. How to connect to the energetic aspect.
3. Exploring the emotional response to the pose.
4. How to extend the practice off the mat, into your daily routine.

Headstand (Sirsana) Workshop
2 hrs – In Studio
Saturday June 4, 2022
Pay What You Choose, starting at $45 + HST
Instructor: Tamara Berger
In this workshop, we will warm up with sun salutations and work on the shoulder and forearm support which is necessary to create the foundation of Headstand. We will also practice targeted stretches that assist with making the lower body feel lighter to go upside-down. We will practice with props and work towards an unassisted tuck headstand away from the wall.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
20 hours – In Studio
June 10-12, 2022
Friday 6:30-9:30pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am-12pm, 1-4pm
With 2 hours of homework + 3hrs of follow-up class/Q&A scheduled the week of June 20th or 27th.
$400 + HST
Instructor: Danielle Denwood
This 20-hour teacher training helps you to build confidence in order to teach yoga to prenatal bodies. 

Understanding the Core + the Postnatal Body
20 hours – In Studio
June 17-19, 2022
Friday 6:30-9:30pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am-12pm, 1-4pm
$400 + HST
Instructor: Florence Bowen
This 20-hour teacher training builds on your prenatal training. Learn more about the functions of the core and introduce yoga to postpartum people.

Bundle Deal: Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
Bundle the Prenatal & Postnatal workshops – 40 hours as outlined above.
$700 + HST (Save $100!)

Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana) Workshop
2 hrs – In Studio
Saturday June 25, 2022
Pay What You Choose starting at $45 + HST
Instructor: Tamara Berger
This workshop will troubleshoot Wheel, so that we may have a fuller and more positive experience of backbends overall.

Principles of Ayurveda
40 hours – In Studio

Dates TBD (Fall)
$750 + HST for Full Course
Instructor: Shehla Khan
This 40-hour training delves deeper into Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. Shehla found her way to yoga through Ayurveda, and is a skillful teacher of both practices.

Part 1: $250+HST
What is Ayurveda? – 6 hrs
Daily Self-Care Routine – 6 hrs

Part 2: $250+HST
Food + Its Qualities According to Ayurveda – 12 hrs

Part 3: $350+HST
Ayurveda + Yoga – 10 hrs
Ayurveda + You – 6 hrs

Diversity & Inclusion in the Wellness Space
30 hours – Virtual & In Studio
Spring, Summer, and Fall 2022 – Instructors, Dates & Times TBA
$650 + HST (for all 30 hours)
Instructors, Dates & Individual Workshop Pricing TBA
We will focus on understanding the history of appropriation and oppression, Indigenous rights, how to hold space for bigger bodies, and develop a better understanding of gender identity and inclusion. This 30-hour salient workshop explores how we can show up for others and develop safer, braver spaces.

The Art of Sequencing
80 hours – In Studio
Spring, Summer, and Fall 2022 – Instructors, Dates & Times TBA
$1,600 + HST (for all 80 hrs)
Learn and discover trade secrets from some of your favourite Downward Dog teachers. You can choose to take all 80 hours of this teacher training program or build your own program.
One 20-hour Sequencing workshop: $500 + HST
Bundling two or more 20-hour Sequencing workshops: $450 + HST each

Yoga Therapy Principles
Virtual & In Studio
Fall 2022 – Exact Duration, Dates & Times TBA
Pricing TBA
Instructors: Karen Parucha & Margot Stokreef

Incorporating Yin Yoga
Virtual & In Studio
Fall 2022 – Exact Duration, Dates & Times TBA
Pricing TBA
Instructor TBA

Advanced Anatomy
Fall 2022 – Exact Duration, Dates & Times TBA
Pricing TBA
Instructor TBA