Susan Chung

Susan began her yoga journey as a physical practice, but it quickly became a way of living…to breathe and relax, be stronger and healthier, and to find balance on and off the mat. She instantly fell in love with the discipline and beauty of the practice.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Downward Dog Yoga Centre, under the guidance of Ron Reid, Marla Joy and Diane Bruni, where she continues a daily practice. She is also a Registered Kids Yoga Teacher through Rainbow Kids Yoga.

Rooted in the exploration of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, Susan’s classes focus on alignment and attention, allowing the breath to lead the way to create a safe, sacred space and the opportunity to grow. She encourages her students to approach yoga with openness and patience.

Susan believes yoga is a lifelong practice and a never-ending experience of curiosity, discovery, and learning. She endeavours to continuously share her practice with others.