Krista Schilter

Krista Schilter (she/her) – a Gestaltist, horticultural therapist, writer, and creator of Golden Chain – is curious about body-based practices from the Kundalini and Katonah yoga lineages, Daoism, group process inspired by Gestalt psychotherapy, and creative process reflected in community. She’s motivated by our capacity to decentre the human, to feel, to connect with the natural world, and to get quiet enough to listen so we may give voice to the voiceless, and open ourselves to mystery. She thinks a lot about making the mundane mystical and how the process of becoming is – in its simplest of ways – about noticing and paying attention. Some of the things she likes include: laughing til her cheeks hurt, maintaining a free-write practice, the perfectly chilled apres-ski beer, talking to the trees, crying to the sky, swimming in cold waters, keeping habitually dirty feet.