Yin-spiration: 3 poses to awaken your body for spring. By Sonja DenElzen

Spring is here and it is the season of the gallbladder & liver meridians: the element of wood.

This area can feel very tight or stagnant after winter. This tightness can contribute to emotions of anger and frustration, or when we have been pushing ourselves to do too much. These postures can help tonify and allow use to move with the upward and active energy of spring with more flow.

3 yin postures that help tonify the wood element are:


Swan: hold posture on each side for 5 minutes, make sure your hip is resting on the floor or on a blanket, so as not to have all the weight on your knee. Breath, relax your jaw, and allow the sensation in your outer thigh to transform and exist without bracing yourself in it. Try to create enough mental space that can allow you to become the observer of the sensation.

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly: sit with your legs spread out to either side then bend forward (if you have tight hamstrings you can lay on the floor with your legs up the wall spread out). This is great for tonifying the liver meridian.

Eye of the Needle or Shoelace: for shoelace stack your knees and feet are on opposite side by hips. This works on gallbladder and liver meridians. For Eye of the Needle cross your flexed right foot over the left thigh then thread your arms through to draw your left thigh or shine toward you.

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