Thai Yoga Touch & Assisting by Drew Hume

Drew Hume’s Thai Yoga Touch and Assisting Workshop is coming up August 22nd. Here, Drew shares some insights on the importance of this practice.

0047IMG_8500“We need touch, but most importantly we need conscious touch, a moment when somebody is connecting with us skin to skin and is also aware that this is happening.” – Mary O’Malley

The need for touch is paramount to our health and wellbeing – there’s no question about that. But when it comes to guiding a room full of yoga practitioners, how do we approach this aspect with skill and confidence? We must first understand the physiology of touch.

Confidence and comfort in touch both come from a deeper understanding of the body. For example, by learning about certain reflexes, we can start to understand the non-verbal feedback mechanisms of the body. Being able to sense and feel when a stretch/assist becomes too much, or even when it is not quite enough is much easier to do when you know what certain responses of the tissues mean. We get to know what level of resistance is healthy and understand the “end-point” of an assist.

After learning some of the more relevant theories and mechanics of the body, the only way to truly develop an understanding of those theories is to put them into practice. In this workshop we’ll spend a large amount of time exploring the physical application of a range of assisting scenarios.

0710IMG_8445We’ll get to feel the feedback mechanisms and understand the responses of the body within a range of different contexts. When our students are moving through convoluted shapes within their asana practice, there are multiple considerations for each asana and sometimes the assist we provide requires us to sense the overall resistance present within a full kinetic chain (rather than simply feeling the resistance beneath our hands). This is one of the more challenging skills to develop – reading the body as a whole, rather than as individual pieces.

This workshop intensive is really designed to give you tools and enhance your touch sensitivity in a way that allows you to translate these skills to all assisting scenarios. It’s not like other assisting workshops – we’re diving in with the assumption that you know the mechanics of particular assists. Instead, we’re working on confidence and comfort through deep study of the body.

Learn more about Drew’s Thai Yoga Touch and Assisting Workshop here.

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