fundamentals of ashtanga & vinyasa yoga

This program is ideal if you are looking to deepen your yoga practice or begin the first step to becoming a yoga teacher. Our teachings are designed to provide you with the fundamental skills to begin a career as a successful yoga teacher.

Please see the Program Objectives for an overview of the areas of study and what you can expect to learn.

The Downward Dog 200-hour Teacher Training program is a Certified Yoga Alliance Program.


To receive the Yoga Alliance RYS-200 certification, you must complete 120 hours of in-class instuction, 10 hours of observing classes, and 70 hours of personal practice (38 led classes & 10 Mysore). You will also receive a philosophy essay assignment to be completed before the end of the program.

The Downward Dog Teacher 200-Hour Teacher Training program is accredited by the federal government.
Official tuition income tax receipts will be issued in February for all payments made in the previous calendar year.

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Program Objectives

The main objective of the 200-hour program is to learn to know ourselves better through self-inquiry, practice, and community (sangha). Practice is meeting ourselves on the mat, without pretense, expectation, or judgment, and cultivating curiosity, commitment, and compassion.



schedule & tuition

The program is divided into 2 modules, each one taken over a series of weekends.

Module 1

  • In-class instruction: 75 hours
  • Personal Practice: 25 hours (20 classes)
  • In-class Presentation (assigned prior to weekend 1)

Module 2

  • In-class instruction: 75 hours
  • Observation: 5 hours (4 classes)
  • Personal Practice: 25 hours (20 classes, 10 of which must be Mysore classes)
  • Philosophy Essay (assigned during Module 2)


Personal Practice

Continued study and development of one's own personal practice is key to becoming a teacher. A minimum of 60 hours of led classes and 10 hours of Mysore practice is required to complete the program. See our Class Schedule for class times.