Summer Solstice and Meditation


The beginning of May marks the onset of Solar Summer. For the next three months, our days in the Northern Hemisphere will enjoy the most sunlight of the year. It is a time of transformation and expansion — characterized by the return of green foliage, blossoms, and warmer days. We Naturally, we feel the motivation to become active, tending to our growing gardens, bodies, and social networks.
The Summer Solstice is the moment that marks the halfway point of Solar Summer, and it falls on June 20th this year. The Solstice signals the end of the expansive phase in our yearly growing cycle; it is a celebratory period full of illumination and revelation. While the Solstice is an exact moment in time when the Sun is at its northernmost point in the sky, there is roughly approximately a two week period in which the days are very similar in length and exhibit similar energetic attributes.
Our meditation practice may not feel as necessary at this time of year due to all the activity and energy that the abundant sunlight provides. However, it is beneficial to make time to pause and find our centre amidst the fast metabolism that occurs during Solar Summer and Solstice Plateau.

The mind may be especially busy at this time of year from all the external stimulation (light, pollen, social activities, etc.), and it may not be easy to find its still-point; there will be an undercurrent of restlessness present in our practice (and it may be difficult to have restful sleep.) These conditions also provide an opportunity to apprehend ideas and intuitions that surface into our awareness from deeper within if we can practice sitting with this active inner environment.

Practice Tips:

  • As at any time of year, during Solar Summer it can be helpful to set aside the same time of day to practice meditation, and to also practice in the same spot in your dwelling.
  • On pleasant days, take advantage to also practice in nature: in your backyard, under a tree, beside a riverbank or lake, and in parks and forests.
  • Experiment with moving meditations such as mindfulness of the breath and on sounds that you hear while on a hike, bike-ride, or jogging.
  • In the depths of winter it is important to seek out and absorb as much light as possible to help avoid or minimize the lethargy and tendency for depression from the lack of sunshine.  Similarly, during the height of Solar Summer it is important to seek out and absorb darkness when it is available.  This means to try and sleep shortly after sunset (9:30-10pm) and rise early, or at least to minimize the intake of artificial light after sunset.  


When Nature is singing in all her glory it may feel counter-intuitive to pause and meditate. However, maintaining our practice during Solar Summer can keep us grounded, allowing the bright peak of the solar cycle to shed insight on the journey that led us here, and to help illuminate the path ahead.  It is an intuitive time of revelation, the climax of the growing cycle.  A time to receive, express, beautify, produce and begin to fulfill the manifestation of our dreams and visions, born in the dark of winter and stillness, in the months of harvest ahead.

In light.


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