Practice Mysore at Downward Dog Yoga Centre; home to Toronto’s first Mysore program.

Our Mysore program was created in 1997 by Ron Reid and was the first of its kind in Canada. We provide an open practice space where you receive one-on-one attention and support from exceptional teachers.

Inspired by the graceful fluidity of the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practice, Ron spent years refining his vision of asana as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation. At Downward Dog Yoga Centre, we encourage a healthy respect for the traditional components of the Ashtanga vinyasa yoga system and provide an emphasis on alignment and attention to postures that greatly reduce the risk of injury. Our approach is designed to support the longevity of your practice through intelligence, positive and purposeful enquiry.

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What is Mysore?

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What if I have or am recovering from an injury?

A two-hour class is too long - can I start late/leave early?

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