Find Your Freedom: My Experience with Suzanne Sterling by Ella Isakov

A musical priestess, Suzanne brilliantly weaves lyric, melody and rhythm into a magical spell that entrances us to discover the sacred song within our own heart. –Seane Corn

Suzanne Sterling is a teacher, priestess, activist and a singer whose voice will awaken your spirit.  Studying movement, yoga, alchemy, sacred ceremony and music for over 25 years, Suzanne uses her diverse and rich experience to create workshops, teacher trainings, apprenticeship programs and conferences around the world.  Her deep desire is to connect and be part of the greater shift in consciousness, spreading the message of peace to thousands around the globe.  Suzanne is the co-founded Off the Mat, Into the World with Seane Corn and Hala Khouri. This initiative has raised over 3.5 million dollars for organizations all around the world, helping them to implement sustainable, long-term solutions to aid communities in crisis.

It is through the Global Seva Challenge Haiti in 2011 that I first met Suzanne.  Throughout the challenge Suzanne was a pillar of strength and support for all of us that embarked on this journey with weekly phone calls to hold space and offer guidance. While in Haiti, Suzanne had a magical way of connecting with each of us to offer support in whatever way needed.  She and Seane Corn led us through yoga practices, rituals and ceremonies to awaken our spirit, open our hearts and to help us show up for ourselves with an authentic voice, so we could show up for the Haitian community. The fourteen days I spent with Suzanne Sterling and Seane Corn were empowering and life-changing, and have had a huge influence on the kind of yoga teacher and person I am today.  Since then, I have done the Off the Mat, Into the World Leadership Intensive with Suzanne Sterling, Seane Corn and Hala Khouri which was a unique opportunity to delve deep within ourselves, to face heartbreaks and gain freedom by letting go of past wounds and uncover deep compassion to better serve ourselves and our communities as leaders.

I have been teaching yoga for over eight years, and have completed numerous yoga teacher trainings and workshops that have allowed me to grow in my yoga, meditation and spiritual practices.  Suzanne will take these elements and allow you to experience them in a new way, from the approach of connecting to your true being as you embody all three. She will guide you on a journey to face your fears, open your heart and unleash your true authentic voice that will allow you to be of greater service and a soulful leader. 

018Whether you are a yoga teacher, seeker, activist or a human being trying to live life the best way you can, Suzanne will give 100% of herself to guide you on a magical journey through movement, breath and guided meditation, holding you in a safe container where trust fills the room, breath takes you deeper and a passage to authentic voice and transformation is the result.

Join us May 16-18th for a weekend of unique workshops with Suzanne Sterling. Expect to move and be moved to your cellular level. To find union, balance and freedom. Find out more about the workshops here.