What style of yoga do you teach?

Our classes are grounded in the Ashtanga Vinyasa lineage. The majority of the classes at Downward Dog are physically vigorous, using the asana (poses) to initiate proper alignment and inner focus. In our Yoga Fundamentals (beginner) and Level 1 classes instruction is very detailed, taking time to break things down, and geared to the level of students in the class. Our teachers strive to create an atmosphere that is both challenging and accessible to all students. Our high level classes (Level 1-2, 2 & 3) are fast paced, dynamic, and challenging with an expectation that students attending theses classes already have an established practice.

We offer some specialty classes, such as Restorative and Meditation. These classes are ideal for those looking for more of an internal practice. Plus, we have a strong and thriving Mysore (Self Practice) program. For more information about this type of practice, please visit our Mysore page.

What can I expect in a typical class?

Each teacher has their own style, yet you can expect each class to take you through a sequence of asana that will be both challenging and well informed. We have classes with music, chanting and sometimes offer classes with live musicians. Be sure to check out our regular schedule to see what is up and coming. We encourage you to attend classes with an open mind and with various teachers to see what type of class setting resonates with you.

How do I get started?

For new students we offer a Month Unlimited Pass (30 days) for only $40* (+HST). For your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes before class to complete our Registration form, receive your Downward Dog Pass card, get situated into class and to get a feel for the layout of the studio.

*Regular Price is $150

Do I have to sign up in advance for classes?

No. All of the classes on our schedule are drop-ins, unless otherwise specified as Pre-Register.

What should I expect upon arrival at the studio?

As you first enter our front entranceway you will see some beautiful wood shelves lining two walls. We ask that you take off your shoes and place them on the shelves. Please do not leave your shoes on and do not leave them on the floor. Make your way up to our reception area at the top of the stairs. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before class in order for our receptionist to have more time to greet you and answer any questions you might. Once you have completed the registration form and signed up for class you may enter the change rooms. If you are not sure which studio your class is in, please ask the receptionist.

Please review our Studio Etiquette

What should I bring?

Light- weight, comfortable and clean yoga clothes is ideal. Our classes can be quite warm, so it’s best to bring your yoga clothes with you and change upon arrival at the studio. You can bring your own yoga mat or rent one of the studio mats for $2. The mats can be a little bit slippery in the warmth of the studio, so you may wish to purchase a Manduka Mat Towel sold in our boutique. Shoes and socks are not needed, barefoot is best for being on your yoga mat.

Is it Hot Yoga?

No, we do not offer hot yoga classes. Yet, we do maintain a temperature in the classes between 28-30 degrees Celsius. Our evening and weekend prime time classes often have 35–50 students in them, this contributes to an elevation in the studio temperature. We have fans in both studios and are happy to keep them running during the more vigorous sections of the classes. We ask that you speak with the teacher before or after (not during) class if you have any issue with the use of fans in class. Keep in mind, we try to accommodate the comfort to the majority of our students.

Do you offer towel service?

No. If you need a towel while in class (recommended) or for showering after class please bring one with you.

Where do I leave my belongings?

Most students leave their belongings/bags in the change rooms in the cubbies provided. Feel free to bring items such as phone, wallet and jewelry into class with you. We ask that all phones be turned off while in studio.

I see you offer different class levels, how do I know which one will be best for me?

If you are new to Yoga, we suggest starting out in one of our 4-week Yoga Basics courses. We also offer on going, drop-in Yoga Fundamentals (beginner level) classes.

Students new to Downward Dog with an existing practice are encouraged to attend any of our Level 1 classes to get a feel for the studio and to get a sense of the instruction and challenge offered by our instructors.