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South Indian Temple Tour: The Yoga of Ritual and Devotion

with Ron Reid, Marla Meenakshi Joy, & Xenia Ananda Shakti
November 8th – 16th, 2018

Our Southern India Temple Tour will ignite the fires of ritual and devotion through yoga, pranayama, meditation, chanting and ritual worship, Ayurvedic massage and treatments while guiding you through famous temples and other sacred sites including Meenakshi Temple, Arunanchala and the ashrams of Ramana Maharsi and Ammachi.
We are so excited and honoured to host you on this very special tour of some ancient sacred sights and temples in Southern India, where the spiritual energy and Shakti of these places infuse our hearts and minds with Divine grace. Hosted by Ananda Shakti (Xenia), Ron Reid, Marla Meenakshi Joy, and our beloved Indian guide Partha Paitandi who is a Brahman priest, we will bring you over 30 years of yoga practice and sadhana to help support and guide your journey of self-discovery.
We will be doing a combination of yoga practice, pranayama, meditation, chanting and ritual worship as we ignite the fires of ritual and devotion within us. There will be time for Ayurvedic massage and treatments (at additional costs) and all of the prices and fees will be laid out for you very clearly as the tour evolves. We will be supporting a small group to go, so if you are interested, then please try and book as soon as you can to reserve your spot for this dive into the ancient heritage of yoga and it’s potent and transformative experiences!
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