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The Art of Integration: Spanning the 8 Limbs


100hr Teacher Training 

with Ron Reid & Marla Meenakshi Joy

April 12-24, 2020 in Nosara, Costa Rica


This intensive training program is designed to provide students with a framework of experience of the scope of internal practices that lie just underneath the surface of the physical yoga practice. In Patanjali’s yoga sutras, he speaks about 8 limbs. The first four are external limbs, while the last four are internal limbs.

If you are an existing teacher or someone who is interested in going deeper into the realms of more meditative practices, this training will help you find the skills to bring that meditative experience and perspective to your own practice, your own teaching, and to enhance the quality of your own sadhana, or spiritual practice, as well as deepen your experience of “asana”, or posture, both on the mat, and off the mat into life itself!

65hrs in-class training, 35hrs of homework upon completion of in-class hours. In this training, we will cover:                                   

  • 1st & 2nd limbs – Yamas & Niyamas:A general overview of the ethical disciplines that free the atmosphere of our minds for deeper practice.
  • 3rd limb – Asana: Mysore (self-practice) to strengthen self-discipline and inner sensitivity for a practice that is strengthening, developmental, and ultimately, healing.
  • 4th limb – Pranayama: Working with breathing techniques to strengthen the energetic body and prepare us for meditation.
  • 5th limb – Pratyahara: (sense withdrawal) Deepening our experience of “going inwards” with the sublime practice of Yoga Nidra (the “yogi’s sleep”).
  • 6th limb – Dharana: (concentration) Techniques to bring about concentration, as a preparation for meditation practice.
  • 7th limb – Dhyana: (meditation) Tools and techniques for cultivating a daily practice of meditation, as well as teaching techniques.
  • 8th limb – Samadhi: (total integration) Costa Rica is the perfect environment to dive deep into integrating the mind, body, and spirit, and leaves each practitioner transformed by the atmosphere of nature in its purest form.

Included in this training, along with the above practices:

Asana Lab: “The Language of Asana” with Ron Reid

In these classes, the postures will be drawn from Ashtanga Yoga and the Vinyasa system as a whole. We will combine anatomical information with practice components that will allow us to access deeper actions in the body. We will break down each target pose to help us understand which areas we may need to open or strengthen and then how to combine them into a complete whole. The essence of this training is to master the art of practicing and teaching intermediate and advanced arm balances, backbends and hip openers. By providing anatomical context for our practice, we will be able to access deeper and stronger actions in our bodies that will be both grounding and stabilizing while providing the necessary means to move forward while minimizing risk that can lead to injury. These principles should begin from the earliest stages of learning to allow the body the best chance to absorb them. We will then explore how to connect deeper “inside” through the asana practice…exploring longer holds and deeper breath patterns. Our theme will be carried forward into developing a contemplative and connected flow throughout our asana practice.

As we gain a greater understanding of how to “work” in each of the poses we can potentially develop a way of practicing that will allow us to see how actions may be shared across a number of related postures. These actions then become references, like a language for both breaking down and building up. One of the fundamental principles of the vinyasa method is that if you have a good process, you will have a good result.

Yoga Philosophy with Marla Joy

The lineage of yoga as one that helps us to “take a seat” (asana actually means to “take a seat in meditation”).

The “Art of Chanting” with Marla Joy

As a practice to unfold inner concentration and to cultivate a spiritual practice, as well as how to bring this into a teaching experience.

Chakras and the Subtle Body with Marla Joy

Understanding and experiencing the chakras and the subtle body with the use of mantras and visualization techniques.


  • Morning Mysore (self-practice) or a led practice for those learning to cultivate a self-practice.  This class ends with a 20-minute led pranayama practice all together (2hrs)
  • Inspired Pura Vida breakfast
  • Asana Lab (2.5hrs)
  • Inspired Pura Vida lunch
  • Internal Practices (2hrs)