Awaken Your Supersonic Cerebral Circuits with a Four Week Yoga Nidra Intensive by Xenia Splawinsky

DSC_4646Imagine taking a warm bath into the depths of your consciousness and coming out of the tub a new person, having touched a world so potent and inward. A place that feels familiar yet is magical beyond your perception and truly inexplainable with words. A quiet place, yet fuller than any of your waking states. A world that is absolutely inside, yet by meeting it, the outer world becomes dressed in magic and meaning.

Yoga Nidra is all this and more: personal, intentional transformation; deep rejuvenation; and rest for body and mind. By getting the habits that arise from karmic stress out of the way, the awakening of higher consciousness becomes a life experience.

When I first started to practice Yoga Nidra, I knew I had found something extraordinary. Even after all these years of teaching this practice, the wonder and healing that arise from Yoga Nidra continue to prove to be beyond comprehension.DSC_4847

I have had a Yoga Nidra recording out on iTunes for many years and I delight in receiving messages from people all over the world telling me about how this practice has given them so much — in some cases claiming it saved their lives. One sweet soul living in Florida said that she and her girlfriends call it “Getting their Nid on.” Yoga Nidra delivers the change you have been seeking by guiding you into direct contact with the omnipresent light inside.

As the days get shorter, it is natural to be drawn inward. Join me this fall for a four week Yoga Nidra intensive to draw your senses inward and rejuvenate your life force energy. Learn more about the intensive here.

Big Bless!

Xenia/Ananda Shakti