Get “Regelined”

Though I live in NYC, I had the good fortune of meeting David while attending one of his workshops at Downward Dog last year.


Honestly, I felt like I had found the missing piece to my practice, and after searching high and low, I had finally found my New York City teacher. I was struck at first by his intelligence, humour and casual nonchalance. The practice begins as soon as he enters the room and before you know it you’re weaving patterns and rhythms through out your body that make you see yourself with a different vision. His teaching goes beyond the usual “spread your fingers and toes”, and suddenly, you’re experiencing the practice in a brand new way. Something new is always discovered practicing with him. David has a unique way of presenting information in regards to asana. He focuses on: symmetry, emotional and primal connections, geometric shape and measurement represented in the physical body, in both the large and small details and then presents how the two are related to the whole of physical practice. He invites you to examine and focus on the subtleties of your practice and how they contribute and relate to the whole. His experience teaching and practicing all over the world is extremely prevalent in his instruction. Connections are not only made in the physical body, but also to the mental and emotional bodies and how the physical contribute to them and vice versa.

As a teacher, after I studied with him, I started to see other bodies, including my own, with far more clarity and nuance. David brings with him a wealth of knowledge, a true devotion to the practice, and a deep and obvious compassion towards his students. He is inquisitive, generous, and brings new vision steeped in esoteric understanding. I am deeply and ever grateful that he came into my life as a teacher. My drishti has never been so clear and as precise after he did. Please, if you have the opportunity to study with him, take it. He is not to be missed, and it will forever inform you both on and off of the mat. Namaste, Toronto yogis!

As I always say, get “Regelined”.

xo -Athena Lamarre

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