Teacher Training FAQ

Do I have to complete Modules l & ll to become a certified Yoga Teacher?

Yes. You will receive a Downward Dog teaching certificate only after successful completion of Modules I & II.

What type of yoga is your program based on?

Our teacher training program is based upon the Ashtanga Vinyasa style of practice.

Will I receive a certificate as an Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher?

Upon completion of the Fundamentals Teacher Training program, students will receive a certificate stating a completion of 200hrs with Downward Dog Yoga Centre including the areas of study covered.

Am I guaranteed a job as a yoga teacher upon completion of the program?

Although the Downward Dog Teacher Training certificate is highly recognized throughout Canada it is still not a guarantee for a position as a Yoga Teacher.

Can I attend the program if I don’t want to be a teacher, just looking to develop my practice?

Students who wish to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice may attend the in-class hours of the 200hr Fundamentals program. This program is offered at a discounted rate, please go to our Workshops page for more details. We encourage anyone with a passion for the practice to enroll in our trainings. There is always a variety of people, backgrounds and motivations for engaging in the program. All our welcome!

If I live out of town, can I complete some of my requirements at my home studio?

Yes. Students who live outside of the GTA wishing to attend our Teacher Training program may complete some of the requirements at your home studio. This will be decided upon on an individual basis.

Do you offer a payment plan, if so how does it work?

Yes, we do offer payment plans. Upon payment of the deposit ($600+hst), the balance will be broken down into installments (as low as $200+hst/month) to be withdrawn automatically with credit card. Each payment is subject to a $20+hst administration fee. Certification will not be provided until the balance has been paid in full and all requirements have been completed.

How much experience do I need to attend your program?

We recommend you have 2 years of practice experience. If you do not have this experience we will still consider you for the program. No matter how long you have been practicing or what level you are at, you will still benefit from attending the program. Your level of experience will have more emphasis in determining what level you will teach at when you complete the program.

Do I need to be proficient in poses like headstand and other advanced poses to attend the program?

It is not essential to be proficient in advanced poses. Students come to our Teacher Training program at all levels of practice. Part of the teacher-training program is to teach you the fundamentals of the practice and to work up to advanced poses.

How do I know if I am ready to attend the Fundamentals Teacher Training?

If you find the Level 1 classes at our studio challenging yet accessible then you are ready to attend our Fundamentals program. We do suggest attending as many classes as possible at Downward Dog prior to the training. The more understanding of the practice you have going into the training, the more you will get out of it.

Where is your certificate recognized? In Canada, US, otherwise?

Our training program is recognized both nationally and internationally, in accordance with the Yoga Alliance. Once you have completed the program and have received your certificate you can apply to Yoga Alliance for their certification. You must submit all required documents and pay their fees directly to them.

Are your instructors knowledgeable? What is their skill and experience base?

All of our instructors have graduated from the Downward Dog Teacher Training program and continue to teach and practice on a regular basis. Our instructors all have an established practice, and have been teaching for a minimum of five years, while others have been teaching and practicing for 10, 20 and over 30 years.

What if I miss some in-class hours?

Students can make up for past absences in future Module l and ll classes, subject to program enrolment. Since we cannot guarantee when space will be available for make-up hours, it is best to plan your schedule carefully at the time of enrollment to avoid missed days. Completion of all class hours is required for certification to be issued.

How does your program compare to other 200hr Teacher Training programs?

Our instructors have been teaching Yoga Teachers since 1997, and you will find that many teachers and studio owners within Toronto and Canada graduated from our Teacher Training program. To find out if our program is the most suitable one for you, we recommend attending some classes at the studio to make sure our philosophy of the practice resonates with you.

Are books and materials included in the cost of the program?

A training workbook/manual is included in the program and will be received on the first day of the program. Additional recommended readings or materials are not included in the cost of the programs. You will receive a 20% discount on all Education Material for the duration of the program.

Can I still work while attending your program?

We have had many students complete the program (weekend format) while maintaining full-time work. The program demands significant time and energy, so be prepared to accommodate this in your schedule.

Do I have to complete all of my requirements during the in-class hour portion of the training?

How long do I have after I complete my in-class hours to complete my remaining requirements? No. We have made the program flexible so students can complete the program on their own schedule. We recommend you try and complete all the requirements within 6-12 months following the end of your last in-class session. Once all requirements are met, you will receive your certificate.

I am already a yoga teacher. Can I attend Module ll only?

Do I still have to complete Module I & II to receive a Downward Dog Certificate? We generally recommend completing the entire program. However, if you are an established teacher you may apply to participate in Module II only. Students will be considered for this option on an individual basis. A certificate can be issued upon completion of requirements.

If I miss a day or a weekend can I make this up in a future program?

Yes, space permitting. Students can make up for past absences in future Module l and ll classes, provided there is room. Since we cannot guarantee when space will be available for make-up hours, it is best to plan your schedule carefully at the time of enrollment to avoid missed days. If you do not complete all class hours, you will not receive your certification.

How much time can I take between completing Module l and beginning Module ll?

We designed our program to be flexible, so students can mold the program more to their own individual needs. We recommend that you don’t leave more than one year between modules. For some students it is beneficial to take time off after completing Module I and starting Module II. During this time you have opportunity to integrate the training into your practice.