Private Yoga Therapy:  With Ron Reid or Marla Meenakshi Joy

$150 for 60 minute session

These individually tailored sessions address your specific needs by identifying any misalignments in your asanas that might be causing discomfort.  We will work with the asanas to create modifications to resolve these issues and allow you to access poses for a true deepening of your practice.


    • Identifying the source of the problem
    • Tools to change the issue or injury
    • Take-home practice to change the patterns

Pranayama with Ron Reid

Pranayama — the ancient practice prescribed by Patanjali of controlling and lengthening the breath — helps to expand the life force, calm the mind and bring balance to the energy body. These sessions provide the practitioner with some classical pranayama techniques that will help connect the individual to their inner realm of self.


      • Calms and focuses the mind
      • Guides the practitioner into a meditative state
      • Balances the nervous system

Personal mantra/chanting practice with Marla Meenakshi Joy

Mantras give a rejuvenating “face-lift” to the spirit! Working with one’s “sankalpa” or inner intention to heal or move in a certain channel of healing is what brings the power to this practice. This is what is called a “mantra sadhana” and helps to remove obstacles and generate a flow in a conscious, healing direction. A mantra/chanting private with Meenakshi begins by determining your specific, psychological and spiritual needs after which you will be given a mantra and a practice to work with over a series of days.


      • A personalized practice
      • Creates “tapas” or discipline
      • Helps to focus you in a conscious direction in your life

The above rates do not include HST. Payment must be made upon reservation. There are no refunds for cancellations made within 24hrs of your booking, without exception. For cancellations made at least 24hours in advance, refunds are subject to a 50% administration fee, or a credit can applied to your Downward Dog account at no charge.