Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with Ella Isakov

$115 for 75 minute session or $300 for 3 – 75 minutes sessions

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) is a body-centered holistic modality that invites the client to tune in to their body and listen to the thoughts, feelings and inner wisdom that may arise. Unlike other yoga therapy styles, PRYT is more psychologically therapeutic while still incorporating gentle yoga postures, and is not prescriptive at all, but instead empowering clients to gain awareness of their own abilities to create positive changes from the inside out. In the session, I am a compassionate witness for the client as they are guided through a meditation and breathe work, followed by assisted supported postures with basic dialogue. A safe space is created for the client to fully experience what comes up for them as they tune into the “edges” on the physical or emotional level and explore what arises to gain insight, introspection and awareness that can lead to a more meaningful and authentic life. What shows up in your body is often a mirror for what is happening in your life. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is an invitation to come back to yourself. Through the insights that come up in the session, there is an opportunity for change, growth and enhanced well-being in body, mind and heart.

These days, more people integrate and devote time to a mindfulness discipline like yoga and meditation, and hence have a higher body and mind awareness. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is another modality that takes a holistic approach to empower clients to gain insight and awareness on a deeper level to what is happening in their life.

The Benefits:

Ability to gain insight into fears and past trauma that are stored within the body & mind

Reduce stress, tension & anxiety that often has a physical component

Alleviate Pain that may be caused by a specific illness or issue

Increase self-awareness and a more compassionate relationship with yourself which will lead to healthier relationships with others

Facilitate Problem-solving & Decision-making as clarity is gained

Breakthroughs into self-limiting beliefs from previous unconscious negative thought patterns, beliefs and reactions

Gain insight to self-healing and open up to a sense of inner knowing

Greater sense of being at home in your own body

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