Jane LoneyRestorative yoga is all about undoing holding patterns and tension in mind and body. With the support of many props and attention to breathing, your body can surrender and release. I like to describe this as a class where you aren’t ‘doing’ but ‘undoing’. Come prepared to lie on the floor, sink into blankets and bolsters and be lulled into deep relaxation.


I checked out yoga as a teenager when I did the 28 day yoga plan from a book on my mom’s shelf at home. Besides feeling a little nauseous (I missed the caution around eating before yoga), I loved that this was something I could do alone and I felt profoundly different after I practiced. I had no concept of the lifelong healing benefits of yoga practice or theory until I was an adult and met my dedicated teachers. Thirty years later, I am still inspired, I love my yoga practice and feel that teaching is a great privilege. My work as a shiatsu massage therapist also informs my teaching in understanding the mechanics and alignment of poses and the great healing benefits of the yoga practice. I hope I can inspire and help people heal themselves for many years to come.