The Psoas: The Seat of the Soul by Simone Nitzan

The psoas plays a critical role in our ability to move, walk and perform day-to-day activities, nevermind yoga asana. In some Buddhist traditions, the psoas is said to be the seat of the soul, storing trauma and emotionally charged tension and playing a key role in our fight or flight response.… Read more

DWD Bodyworkers : Brittany Lu

We sat down with Brittany Lu, who offers Thai Massage at the studio. We asked her a few questions about her practice, what inspires her practice and what you can expect from a treatment with her. Read on below to learn more and book a session with Brittany to feel for yourself!Read more

DWD Perks: REALthings Cushions

We’ve got a new DWD Perk for you! REALthings Cushions is offering the DWD community 10% off any online purchases and purchases of their cushions in our boutique.

REALthings Cushions are carefully designed for every body type and practice. Portable, practical, and versatile, they help alleviate pain, correct posture and remove the physical barriers to a regular mindfulness meditation and yoga practice.… Read more

Old Dawg Meets Downward Dog by Seymour Trachimovsky

Back in the dark ages, i.e. the twentieth century, I asked a friend what he was doing for exercise and he responded, “yoga”. It occurred to me that he hadn’t understood the question, but I didn’t press the issue. At the time, when I asked anyone what they did for exercise, the last thing I expected to hear was “yoga.” Yoga was weird contortions, headstands and whatever other misconceptions I was holding onto.… Read more

Why are My Hips so Tight? by Simone Nitzan

The hip is a complex joint and, like the shoulder, the hip possesses the ability to move 360 degrees. Unlike the shoulder, the hip is held in a very deep socket with many thick ligaments and strong muscles holding the femur (thigh bone) in place.… Read more

La Belle Ville by Marla Meenakshi Joy

Of all the cities that Ron and I have visited with the great honour of sharing our love of yoga and music with people, I find no city to be more beautiful than Paris! There is something about it—it feels like I am walking in an outdoor museum and that art is all around me.… Read more

Marichyasana C by Sonia den Elzen

Yoga offers the practitioner a constant evolution and transformation with no clear beginning or end, only where you are at that year, that month, that day.

One asana that clearly reflects this for me is Marichyasana C—the first seated twist in the Ashtanga Primary Series.… Read more

Pada Bandha by Brittany Lu

With the change of summer to fall happening all around us, it is a perfect time of year to be finding the element of Earth in our postures to reaffirm our sense of grounding, inner wisdom, and steadfastness. Like the great Oak tree our practice can reflect deep roots, tall lines, and a flexible strength that endures the winds of change.… Read more

Time is a Circle by Josh Cohen

October has arrived and with it the movement of nature is abundantly clear with the changing colours of the leaves and dropping temperatures. The tilted position of the earth in its orbit around the Sun has caused sunlight to begin shining more directly on the southern hemisphere.… Read more